Low carb Cheese Danish

 If you have not had a cheese danish in over a year prepare to be excited.  I made the blueberry loaf for my husband but this one…. this one is for me.  Have you heard of the Atkins induction mock danish recipe? It’s a low carb standby.   There’s nothing similar to a danish in that recipe and the fact that it is microwaved just hurts even more!  What’s worse than all this is that there are perfectly innocent people who think this is their only option to get that tastiness in their life.  This just makes ketogenic dieting and low carb lifestyles look bad.

I don’t have the words to explain how much I love cheese danish.  It has to be the kind with the turnover-like dough.  I can’t stand the processed cakey kind that comes in a box.  This has to be fresh from the bakery.  When I made the stromboli for the first time my exact next thought after “Omg, what have I done??” was “I bet I can make a danish with this.”   I did.  

It wasn’t quite right for me although spectacular enough.  Could I do better? I started to work with the dough yesterday.  I made two different batches using baking powder and decided on the one I’m sharing today.  I am in love.  In love, in love, in love with food completely again! 

This is a three part recipe. Each part is simple though!  In order to not get overwhelmed you will want to get everything prepped first.  I made the powdered sugar in my coffee grinder with truvia.  It’s really very easy to do.  This is what my counter looked like before I started.  The only thing missing is the melted butter for the dough. 

 I started with the filling.  This comes together quickly.  Make sure your cream cheese is nice and soft and you won’t even need to use an electric mixer.  I used a whisk for every part of this recipe except for the dough!

Set this in the refrigerator until you are ready with the dough.

The dough is only slightly different then the stromboli dough but it makes a big difference.  A little bit of extra almond flour adds better flavor. The texture is spot on for a sweet treat.  I didn’t make a perfect square.  Don’t tell anyone!  I was too eager to try out a few different folding techniques to really care about all the edges.  

Check out that mini stromboli! So cute! It was a lot of fun trying new folds but only one of these is perfect for a cheese danish.  And the winner is….

All you have to do is fold the corners into the center and pile that filling on top!

 Did you feel that?  The world just changed a little bit.  Look at the corners on that danish!  It just needs frosting! I almost flaked out and covered it with melted store bought sugar free chocolate drizzled on top.  That would be good too but for this special post I went all out with a great cream cheese frosting. 

I’m out of plastic piping bags and used my small reusable bag for the filling.  If you use a ziploc too then cut the tiniest of holes at the top!

 This is not a mock danish.  This is a real cream cheese danish.  The days of the mock are over.  

Special notes for working with this cheese dough: 

Be sure to use cheese that is <1 carb per serving. If using a pre shredded cheese with over this amount of carbs per serving then it adds starches and powder (used to keep the shreds from caking together) to the dough which will not produce a dough like you see in the pictures above.  I also recommend using a regular shred for the cheese.  Finely shredded cheese does not melt well and will be difficult to work with.  For best results only use a mozzarella that has no more than 5 grams of fat per 28 gram (1/4 cup) serving.   If the dough is still too sticky then you can add in 1 tbsp coconut flour or a few tablespoons almond flour to dry it up some. You may need to extend the baking time by five minutes if this is the case! 

Low carb Cheese Danish

Recipe by Karan LabraCourse: Keto
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  • Dough
  • 1 1/4 cup 2% mozzarella shredded cheese (140 grams)

  • 6 tbsp Almond Flour (42 grams)

  • 3 tbsp Coconut Flour (21 grams)

  • 4 tbsp sugar equivalent (I used 5 tsp Truvia)

  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla

  • 4 tbsp butter (omit if you are using a higher fat cheese but I implore you to use the 2% or part skim mozzarella cheese!)

  • 1 egg (large)

  • Filling
  • 6 oz cream cheese

  • 1 tsp lemon juice

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1/4 cup sugar equivalent

  • 1 egg yolk

  • Frosting
  • 3 tbsp powdered sweetener (3 tbsp truvia in a coffee grinder for 30 secs and then measure out 3 tbsp of the powdered.)

  • 2 tbsp heavy cream

  • 2 oz cream cheese

  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Filling
  • Soften cream cheese and combine with lemon juice, vanilla, and sweetener and egg yolk using a whisk or electric mixer. Set aside in the fridge until you are ready with the dough.
  • Dough
  • Measure out almond flour, coconut flour, and baking powder. Combine well with a whisk.
  • Melt 4 tbsp butter and add vanilla and sweetener. Stir.
  • Melt 1 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese in the microwave (30% power for 2 minutes with a 1200 watt microwave).
  • Combine all the ingredients and add an egg.
  • Stir until batter is combined and the cheese and dough are completely mixed. Use your hands or a spatula to press and fold the cheese and the batter together. Reheat for 10 seconds in the microwave. Press and fold some more until 99% of the dough is all one color. (Tip-this gets sticky and if you wet your hands a little it helps tremendously. The water from your hands will stop the stickiness on the outside of the dough making it very easy to roll out.)
  • Reheat dough for 10 seconds and roll out into a square the approximate length of a rolling pin and slice into four quarters with a pizza slicer.
  • Fold the corners into the center repeating with all four squares.
  • Pipe filling (or spoon it on top!) into the center of each danish.
  • Bake for 10-12 minutes. (Check on this at 10 minutes and make sure to remove it from the oven as soon as it has a deep golden brown color! Just slightly past 13 minutes and 2 of mine did get burnt. Definitely keep an eye on it.)
  • Frosting
  • Soften cream cheese in the microwave and add powdered sweetener, heavy cream and vanilla. Mix well with a whisk and pour into a ziploc bag. Cut a tiny hole in the corner and pipe onto each danish.
  • Special notes for working with this cheese dough
  • Be sure to use cheese that is

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