Holy Low Carb Stromboli! (and Happy Mother’s Day)

I’m happy to report the low carb stromboli recipe has repeatedly performed well and is my most pinned recipe at this point. If you haven’t tried it yet then I predict these pictures will get you off the fence.  I have seen so many stromboli over the last few weeks that I had to compile them all together. Look at all that low carb stromboli! I can’t even believe that’s not real bread. What an absolutely fantastic job, you guys!

I love the creativity behind some of these.  I can’t wait to try the dough with hot dogs or perhaps some spicy italian sausage? The garlic knots look fantastic too! I want to make those and drown them in light olive oil and minced garlic.  Don’t get me started about the sandwich bread.  I’m out of almond flour and coconut flour at the moment! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a stromboli the day they arrive! Don’t these pictures just make you hungry?? 

I would also like to extend my sincerest wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day coming up! I know I’ll be enjoying some down time with my family hope you guys do too!  

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