How to Make “Holy Grail” Pizza aka Fathead Pizza

Update: I am exclusively using the Stromboli Dough recipe as my pizza dough.  I find it’s more bread like and uses less almond flour.  This makes it more economical.  (I can make more pizza this way!) We are really enjoying having stromboli back in our life as well!  Here are a ton of pictures from people who have tried the new dough recipe. 

Now that I have added in almond flour my creativity is exploding.  Not only this though, my attitude is really changing.  I feel like no matter what there’s always a keto/low carb alternative that is even better than what people consider to be the “real” thing.   It sort of makes me laugh to think those other people consider their food the “real” food.  It is possible while doing low carb to have your pizza and eat it too! (And cake, and ice cream, and shakes, and french toast but I digress.)

I started with Cooky’s recipe and made it more to my liking.  I used only mozzarella cheese.  I like the Kraft brand, it doesn’t seem to knock me out of ketosis, so I use pre-shredded for convenience.  Kraft brand has <1 gram carb per 1/4 cup (28 grams) serving just like block cheese.  (Update: My husband has finally joined me with this way of eating! I think the pizza really convinced him.)

So like many many other times before there are people in my house eating the “real” stuff and I was confronted with “real” pizza yet again.  I decided right then to try Cooky’s recipe (also known as the Fat Head Pizza crust).   I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!  The competition was Anthony’s Cold Fire Meatball and Ricotta pizza.  I only had Italian sausage.  I don’t like to use ricotta either, too many carbs! Sour cream bakes up and has a similar taste and texture when mixed with the sauce.  There’s no difference there for me.  So here it is! 

Made a cheese pizza as well! Fantastic. Fake Pizza? Look at that crust! How dare you call it fake.  Below here is the competition! 

 Looks gross to me!! Next time I do this I will be making up a batch of mini meatballs.  I can’t wait to try it like that too.  The possibilities are endless now that I have this crust.  Here’s my how to for the “Holy Grail” of low carb pizza crusts!

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