Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’ve become slightly obsessed with microwave baking at the moment.  (Probably because of this recipe for one minute french toast! ) I started trying out this recipe 2 days ago.   What I wanted was a gooey chocolatey slightly undercooked battery messy cookie in a minute.   As I started out I was very hopeful I could do this with almond flour! I was very wrong.  My poor cookie came out of the microwave looking like microwave bread.  Too cakey to be a cookie really.  I tossed it in a bag to eat later on while I was in the parent pick up line waiting to get my son.  

I couldn’t believe what my mouth was telling me a few hours later when I was taking a bite out of it.  I remember when I first took it out of the bag I thought, “Oh great this thing is hard as a rock now!!” and then as I was taking a bite I expected an explosion of crumbs and the dissatisfaction of a crunchy cookie.  What happened was a near perfect room temperature cookie.  Soft inside but sturdy.  It was the best kind of surprise.  

 I proceeded to make it 4-5 more times trying to get the cooling effect from the erythritol down and came back to the first recipe.  After all that!  I was using Earth’s Pride Stevia but I find the cooling effect on that particular brand to be way too powerful for me.  So finally I switched to Truvia which is a bit tamer.   I tried this with liquid splenda and the cookie was too crunchy.  If you use a liquid sweetener just keep an eye on it in the microwave and get it out as soon as you think it’s not liquid anymore. 

You can eat this right after it cools off and it’s soft and delicious however letting it cool for at least 10 mins makes for the best (and easiest) chocolate chip low carb cookie!  I’ve also developed a  Fudge Chocolate Chip cookie for the microwave!  I think I see lots and lots of cookies in my future. 

Joker for scale! 😉  Hope you guys like this one! I can’t wait to try this with ice cream sometime. 

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